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Watch for These H.R. Boldwood Stories in October, 2017!

The Haunting of Bellehaven, a novella which will appear in Haunting Savannah, a boxed set of paranormal romance stories published by After Glows Publishing, coming out in October 2017, just in time for Halloween.

In the Shadow of Fire, a dark short story set during the fall of Pompeii, that will be included in Hyperion and Theia, Volume 1, Saturnalia on October 17, 2017.

Coming Soon

Intergalactic Smackdown, featuring Mr. Weasels, is a short story that will be included in Floppy Shoes Apocalypse V, a collection of clown horror. Everyone's afraid of clowns, right? And Mr. Weasels is the worst.

Killing It Softly / Digital Fiction Publishing – 32 terrifying tales from some of today’s finest female horror authors – an award winning anthology

Floppy Shoes Apocalypse (Cherry Nose Armageddon) / Nocturnicorn Books– An anthology of clown horror. Could there be anything more frightening?

Toys in the Attic (A Collection of Evil Play Things)/ F. Ward Kirk Publishing – What horrific things do your toys in the attic?

Detective of the Fantastic Volume II / Thirteen O’Clock Press – 32 tales take us on a hunt to discover the bizarre and strange

The Corpse Candle and Other Nightmares / Profound Fiction Kindle – An international collection of horrific tales to read on a cold and stormy night

Paranormal Pursuits / Grey Wolfe Publishing – 82 tales of the paranormal to leave you shivering in the night

David and Peggy’s Excellent Recurring Nightmares / Great Lakes Association of Horror – Poor David and Peggy just can’t seem to catch a break. A collection of the horrific, harrowing trials of David and Peggy

Erie Tales (Transformation) / Great Lakes Association – Shape-shifters rule in this eerie collection of tales. Shifting isn’t just for wolves or vampires any more.

A Quick Bite of Flesh / Hazardous Press – 55 bite-sized zombie flash fiction tales to keep you awake at night

Written as Mary Ann Back

Short Story America Volume I / Short Story America Press - 56 literary short fiction tales that explore the themes of the human condition

Ni Bona na Coroin (Neither Crown Nor Collar)/ Grey Wolfe Publishing - An anthology of literary fiction from Grey Wolfe Publishing’s 2014 American Short Story Contest

Flash Fiction Funny / Blue Light Press - 82 flash fiction tales to tickle your funny bone

Dead Reckoning / Grey Wolfe Publishing – Laugh, cry, and squirm your way through this collection of short stories that explores deaths of a different shade and maniacal retribution.

From the Roaring Deep / Bibleotheca Alexandrina – A devotional in honor of Poseidon and the spirits of the sea.

Boston Literary Magazine Summer 2012 / Big Table Publishing – A collection of literary poems and drabbles

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