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The Corpse Whisperer Sworn

"If Anita Blake and Stephanie Plum had a lovechild, it would be Allie Nighthawk. One of the funniest and freshest takes on the zombie genre I've read, with genuine heart at the core of the humor and gore."
- Dana Fredsti, author of the Spawn of Lilith series

Follow Allie Nighthawk to exciting New Orleans where she raises the dead, puts down rotters, and dabbles in the mystical world of hoodoo. She’s on the trail of an evil necromancer who will stop at nothing to rule the world with his army of deadheads. Is her magick strong enough to save the day? Or will this necromancer from her past kill her before she gets the chance?
She figures she’s got a fifty-fifty shot. Make that forty-sixty.

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Anthologies Featuring Stories by H.R. Boldwood


  • Within these pages, you will find twenty-six horrifying curses, and witness the havoc they wreaked on unsuspecting victims.


  • The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. ~ Edgar Allan Poe. Re-Haunt invites readers to step through the gates which separate the living from the unhappy dead.

The Best by Women in Horror

  • Featuring the H.R. Boldwood's "The Idlewild Letters"
  • Voted the Number One horror anthology in The Solstice List © 2017 The Best of Horror.

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Things That Go Bump in the Night

  • Featuring H. R. Boldwood stories: "The Transmogrification of Gordon Giblet," "The Devil's Due," "Mr. Boogens," and "Scarlet Sins."

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Carnival of Horror

Gruesome Grotesques 4

Hyperion & Theia

  • Featuring H.R. Boldwood's "In the Shadow of Fire"

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Haunting Savannah

  • Featuring H.R. Boldwood's "The Haunting of Bellehaven"

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Killing It Softly / Digital Fiction Publishing – 32 terrifying tales from some of today’s finest female horror authors – an award winning anthology

Floppy Shoes Apocalypse (Cherry Nose Armageddon) / Nocturnicorn Books– An anthology of clown horror. Could there be anything more frightening?

Toys in the Attic (A Collection of Evil Play Things)/ F. Ward Kirk Publishing – What horrific things do your toys in the attic?
Voted the the number three horror anthology in The Solstice List © 2017 The Best of Horror.

Detective of the Fantastic Volume II / Thirteen O’Clock Press – 32 tales take us on a hunt to discover the bizarre and strange

The Corpse Candle and Other Nightmares / Profound Fiction Kindle – An international collection of horrific tales to read on a cold and stormy night

Paranormal Pursuits / Grey Wolfe Publishing – 82 tales of the paranormal to leave you shivering in the night

David and Peggy’s Excellent Recurring Nightmares / Great Lakes Association of Horror – Poor David and Peggy just can’t seem to catch a break. A collection of the horrific, harrowing trials of David and Peggy

Erie Tales (Transformation) / Great Lakes Association – Shape-shifters rule in this eerie collection of tales. Shifting isn’t just for wolves or vampires any more.

Curse of the Gods

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