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The Corpse Whisperer

Book Two in The Allie Nighthawk Myster Series Coming Soon!

Anthologies Featuring Stories by H.R. Boldwood

The Best by Women in Horror

  • Featuring the H.R. Boldwood's "The Idlewild Letters"
  • Voted the Number One horror anthology in The Solstice List © 2017 The Best of Horror.

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Things That Go Bump in the Night

  • Featuring H. R. Boldwood stories: "The Transmogrification of Gordon Giblet," "The Devil's Due," "Mr. Boogens," and "Scarlet Sins."

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Carnival of Horror

Gruesome Grotesques 4

Hyperion & Theia

  • Featuring H.R. Boldwood's "In the Shadow of Fire"

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Haunting Savannah

  • Featuring H.R. Boldwood's "The Haunting of Bellehaven"

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Killing It Softly / Digital Fiction Publishing – 32 terrifying tales from some of today’s finest female horror authors – an award winning anthology

Floppy Shoes Apocalypse (Cherry Nose Armageddon) / Nocturnicorn Books– An anthology of clown horror. Could there be anything more frightening?

Toys in the Attic (A Collection of Evil Play Things)/ F. Ward Kirk Publishing – What horrific things do your toys in the attic?
Voted the the number three horror anthology in The Solstice List © 2017 The Best of Horror.

Detective of the Fantastic Volume II / Thirteen O’Clock Press – 32 tales take us on a hunt to discover the bizarre and strange

The Corpse Candle and Other Nightmares / Profound Fiction Kindle – An international collection of horrific tales to read on a cold and stormy night

Paranormal Pursuits / Grey Wolfe Publishing – 82 tales of the paranormal to leave you shivering in the night

David and Peggy’s Excellent Recurring Nightmares / Great Lakes Association of Horror – Poor David and Peggy just can’t seem to catch a break. A collection of the horrific, harrowing trials of David and Peggy

Erie Tales (Transformation) / Great Lakes Association – Shape-shifters rule in this eerie collection of tales. Shifting isn’t just for wolves or vampires any more.

Curse of the Gods

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