Life Among the Tombstones

An Allie Nighthawk Mystery Book 1

In this prequel to The Corpse Whisperer series, financially challenged zombie hunter, Allie Nighthawk, returns to her hometown of Cincinnati and finds herself knee-deep in murder, mayhem, and zombies. Can she solve not one but two murders, and get away unscathed — when the good guys might not be so good, and a presence from her past returns for revenge?

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Indiana Horror Review 2021

What is it with the Hoosier state that inspires authors all over the world to dredge up their darkest visions to make readers tremble and shudder?

Could it be that ghost towns dot the landscape? Or do we fear the living ghosts that walk in its cities, large and small, that breed and fester on dashed hope and creeping dread?

Or do their dark writings mirror the thoughts we thought we had buried beneath layers of civility, exposing them for what they are, reflections of the darkness all around us, propagated through us and our offspring, who emulate and improve on our own wickedness?