We’re all grown up right? Or are we? Do things in the night still make you wanna cry to Mama? Well you can’t anymore, she’s not around. Time to face your demons, man or woman. Mama ain’t here, but all she ever wanted was to hear your laughter, and to know you’re safe. You’re not safe. It’s just you now. But you won’t let Mama down, right? Did Mama tell you if you did that thing with your face it would freeze that way? Or that pop rocks and cola would make your stomach explode? Or that if you touch yourself down there, you’ll go blind? Mama was right about some things, and wrong about a lot of others. Yet these were lessons. Did you pay attention? Did you learn? Now that she’s not here to whisper in your ear, what will do when you are confronted with a situation that you know in your heart Mama would have some good advice for? Within these pages you will find twenty-two tales of motherly love, motherly terror, and all the in-between.