Short Story America's acclaimed collection features 56 great contemporary short stories by today's top and emerging authors. Hailed as "literary fiction at its best" and "a throwback to the heyday of the great original American literary art form," this major anthology has arrived at a perfect time for today's busy readers. Short Story America exists for the purpose of making great modern stories easier for readers to find, and the authors in these pages have succeeded in writing timeless stories which both entertain and matter. You'll be thinking about these stories long after reading them. The joy of reading and re-reading these tales has been described by readers who discuss the stories in the classroom, in book clubs, and in conversations with friends.

The authors of the stories in this book include Ray Morrison, Alan Cheuse, Laury Egan, Tim Johnston, Marjorie Brody, Evan Kuhlman, Gay Degani, Martin McCaw, Kristin Fouquet, Rolli, Michelle Coppola, Richard Hawley, Mark S. Jackson, Lawrence Buentello, Allen Kopp, T.L Crum, Gary Persecepe, Gary Buslik, Laura Semonche Jones, Douglas Campbell, Mary Ann Back, Ted McLoof, Guy Tirondola, Janet Tay, David Gaughran, Simon C. Larter, Tom Groh, Jen Knox, Rita Rubin, Lori Duffy Foster, Paul Elwork, Mark Mills, Debra Brenegan, Anthony Otten, Alex Myers, Jim Valenti, Vicky Mlyniec, Shelley Stack, Sharon Knauer, Kyle Hemmings, Chase Dearinger, Shirley Eaves, Adam Parker Cogbill, Gail Westerfield, Mark J. Ehlers and Dawn Allison.